Yllrinath, City Under the Sands

The Falcrest Fairweather Festival - Week 1
Party time, shopping and games!

We rejoined the party deep within the earth in the cave of Neat, a brass dragon with a penchant for clocks and a powerful ability to control the flow of time and information. Xila, Ghidorah, and Gilim asked Neat to tell them about the Baron’s conspiracy, and were shown images of the Dwarven refugees being oppressed and the Baron supporting a sort of aristocracy of humans, although he did briefly try to help them after Hammerfast. Eventually, they were shown the desperate dwarves turning to dark arts in the liberated dwarf keep from earlier in the campaign. After these dark portents, Malkyr exploited the dragon’s deep mastery of space-time to watch an instant replay of Urnirin being crushed to death.

After Gilim raised the ghost of Urnirin to serve as eternal bartender at the Only Inn, the party returned to town via hippogriff. There they found a drunk Alrik yammering on about flyers and seeing glowing people in the corner. The flyer turned out to be for the Falcrest Fairweather Festival, a celebration of spring. During the festival would be a 6 v 6 tournament, which the group hoped to enter. However, they were short a person, so they set about finding someone to fill Urnirin’s spot the next day. They split up to check the other two taverns in town.

Xila and Gilim searched the Silvered Unicorn, and came up empty. Malkyr, Ghidorah, and Alrik went to the Tasseled Trout, and found only a sexy sorceress who hit on Malkyr in a moment of hilarious awkwardness. Returning, the group entered the Only Inn to find ghost-Urnirin waiting on Vaaren-kai, a Genasi Artificer. The party tried to get him to join by lying about everything ever, but failed. They finally negotiated mutually agreeable terms, and he joined the party for the tournament.

The party spent the week training, then found themselves stepping out into a brightly decorated town square on the day of the tournament. As Malkyr entered his giant pumpkin in the produce competition, the team spent some time shopping for fancy festival goods (see below), and Xila ran into Carl the Cabbage Man once again. After catching up, she bade him a fond farewell.

Finally, it was time for the grand feast, where the winners of the produce contests were announced. Malkyr netted himself a fancy blue ribbon to hang in the Inn with the demon arm and severed monster heads. Then, it was time for the tournaments.

Malkyr cleaned up at the archery tournament, though Vaaren-kai put in an incredible showing with his crossbow. At the wrestling tournament, Alrik leglocked his way to victory over his half-giant competition. In the Bandit’s Rooftop Challenge, Malkyr barely squeaked past Xila to a surprising victory after nearly getting crushed by a club. The Fright Fight saw Ghidorah driving the judges literally insane and terrifying small children. Finally, in the Preach-Off, Alrik put in a remarkable second place showing, barely beaten by Gilim’s holy showmanship.

The winners received prizes for their skills: Alrik received the Diadem of the Wrestler, Ghidorah the Diadem of the Terrifying, Gilim the Diadem of the Priest, and Malkyr received both the Diadem of the Archer and of the Bandit. Gracefully, he bequeathed his bandit prize to Xila, even though she repeatedly pantsed him.

We left the party immediately before the Battle of the Twelve Blades commenced.


  • Xila
    • Ruby red shortbow with black lacquered tips
      • The finish still smells faintly of turpentine
    • A black and red reversible velvet cloak clasped with a tiny silver longsword
    • A pair of traditional East Sea pearl earrings
      • Made by the human tribes of the Eastern Sea, delicate pink coloration swirls through the pearls set in these silver earrings.
    • An ivory-hilted short sword
      • The carved bone hilt sweeps up to a silver alloy handguard.
    • Barnie Thistleweed’s Butter Toffee Chews
    • Carl’s Famous Cabbage Clusters
  • Alrik
    • A leather-hilted warhammer decorated with golden filigree
      • Traces of golden inlay wind up the haft of the hammer to meet a wide band in the middle of the head.
    • A midnight blue cloak clasped with a burnished silver clasp shaped like a triangle inscribed in a star inscribed in a circle.
    • A bowl of bright red Tiefling hagnir
  • Ghidorah
    • A Dragonborn korminn
      • This long steel mesh cap is composed of many large interlocking rings, designed to conform to a Dragonborn’s scales. The tail of the cap drapes down over the neck, while the top sports three silver ridges running front-to-back.
    • An owlbear-skin backpack
      • The outside is made of water-repellant owlbear feathers, while the inside is soft and supple owlbear fur.
    • A blue silk cloak embroidered with golden stars. A dark blue swirling pattern is embroidered along the hem.
    • An admiral’s hat with a shining golden ship’s wheel on each side.
  • Malkyr
    • An elven-styled yew longbow
      • The grip is made of smoothed deer antler, somehow melded directly onto the bow.
    • A tin headband with a pair of false cat ears held erect with tiny steel rods
      • Naturally.

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